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Hoyland Medical Practice

The Hoyland Centre, High Croft, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74 9AF

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Home Visits

Home visits are reserved from a small group of patients who are permanently bedbound (e.g. due to chronic disability or severe frailty) and have become acutely unwell.

If you are usually able to get around your house and/or leave the house, but a sudden illness leaves you unable to leave your home, you would not be considered for a home visit. You are, however, still welcome to contact the surgery for advice.

Before requesting a home visit, please make sure that you have met the eligibility criteria first.

In those requesting a home visit, please do so before 10:30am. You will be asked the reason for the visit by a member of our reception team, to enable a doctor to determine whether a visit is required and to prioritise the urgency of visits.

Thank you