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Doctor and nurse appointments are in great demand and as a practice we are doing our best to meet this demand with the limited resources that we have.

Our clinics are fully booked everyday, but unfortunately a small number of patients do fail to attend their booked appointments without prior cancellation, despite the practice sending text message reminders 24 hours prior. These appointments then go to waste. Although clinicians can carry on with other important clinical work in this time, it ultimately means that fewer patients were seen that day.

To ensure a fair system for all patients and to make as many appointments available as possible, the Practice has implemented a ‘3 strike policy’. This means that if a patient fails to turn up to a booked appointment on 3 separate occasions in a 12 month period without cancelling in advance, they will be removed from the practice list.

This is not a step we would ever take lightly, and the policy is intended to prevent missed appointments rather than punish. We hope that our patients will understand, and we do not anticipate having to remove anyone from the list on the grounds of a breach of this policy.

Thank you for your co-operation

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